BurlyCorps Applications

BurlyCorps Applications

Personal Information

(Optional) If you have professional experience in event planning, administrative tasks, food handling, or technical Operations (a/v), please consider uploading your resume below. This will help us identify candidates for key roles during our event!

BurlyCorps 2020

Our BurlyCorps of volunteers contribute their skill, time, and energy to one or more teams during the convention in November. In exchange for committing 16 hours of volunteer time during the convention, accepted individuals are offered a pay-what-you-will weekend pass. Those accepted will be responsible for their own lodgings, and transport to and from the convention.

BurlyCorps passes are offered to individuals based on the needs of the convention. Some roles require technical skills, administrative work, or access to a vehicle (with valid DL). As such we are asking all potential BurlyCorps members to answer a short questionnaire, and to submit a resume with their application.

NOTE: 2020 has presented a number of unique challenges, and we understand that due to circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic that some of your are uncertain about the prospect of traveling this autumn. As such we will be offering work trade invitations in several round, and setting the final deadlines for acceptance later then usual. We hope this will allow people time to make travel decision in a health conscious and financial responsible way!

These applications will be reviewed by Chief Happiness Officer, and Volunteer Coordinator, who will make offers based on BurlyCon’s needs. If you are interested in working year round with the BurlyCon Steering Committee, please send a follow up e-mail to vol@burlycon.org. As representatives of BurlyCon, volunteers are expected to uphold BurlyCon’s mission, vision, and values and policies. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these, and thank you for supporting BurlyCon!