2021 July BurlyPod Class Proposal

2021 July BurlyPod Class Proposal

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Due to the restraints on input fields in this form, we ask you to submit one class at a time. As we mentioned during the introduction of this form, we suggest you type out all your answers in another document such as Word or Google Docs, then copy/paste your answers into this form. This allows you to submit your 2nd class faster (personal information needed again) and makes for easy recopy/paste if the form were to time out.

In this form, you may upload up to three (3) photos.  Please try to include photos in different orientation. For example, one in portrait and one in landscape. Your class page on our website will look more dynamic with different photos rather than the same photo of you in multiple places.

In this form, each photo upload button uses different words, for example "document" or "image". This application does not allow certain fields to be used twice within one form, so we tricked a few fields to allow for additional photo uploads.

The class description is like an emcee's introduction. It gives potential students what they need to know to get excited about the class, what they may need to know in order to be successful during class, and what they may expect to learn in class.

Class Description Examples
"Be guided in your exploration of the power and grace of classic ballet technique through the lens of burlesque's feminist ideals. Learn to engage your core, both physically and spiritually, through warm up routines inspired by traditional barre techniques. You will learn basic ballet movements and terminology and receive tips on how to internalize these exercises. Students should have a water bottle, heels you can dance in, a sweat band for their head, and be ready to move."

"As an Advanced course, the expectation is you have at least 5 years of sewing machine and 10 years of hand-sewing experience."

This is a one-line description of your class, it grabs the attention of the potential student.

Class Tagline Examples
"A primer on educating students in the online world utilizing student engagement techniques and encouraging connection"

"Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Oh My!"

What should your students have on hand when they join your class, if anything?
If you are teaching a BurlyLab, list out specific supplies students will need. You could consider an Amazon shopping list or web links to obscure items they may not find on their own.

Potential Supplies Needed
High heels
Dance shoes (specify)
Notetaking supplies
Yoga mat
Movement/Workout clothing
Fans (what kind of fans?)
Makeup (be specific)
Hair accessories (be specific)
Sewing kit (be specific)
Costume project (be specific)

Supplies Example
"Feather fans will be covered. Other fans are welcome, but the instructor is not versed in other fan types."


A 60 or 90-minute session during which a presenter provides instruction to students in a lecture or interactive format.

A 90, 120 or 180-minute session during which a presenter provides instruction to a small set of students on how to build or create something. This is a hands-on, shop-style class.

This class level is typically applicable to classes that are not built upon a specific discipline (dance, costuming, emceeing, production, etc.) or are based on "specifics" within a discipline that are broadly applicable and may be useful to anyone. This class must be accessible to beginning performers and interesting to those with more experience.


This class is best suited for individuals with little or no training in the applicable discipline. Brand new performers just getting their feet we and more experienced performers interested in trying something different may both find this class beneficial.


This class is best suited for individuals who have a basic understanding and some level of experience in the applicable discipline. Time spent on reviewing basics will be minimal, as the focus of this class is to build upon an existing foundation. Students with experience in related disciplines may find this class useful, but it is geared toward expected standards of the discipline or form.

This class is best suited for individuals who are well-versed in the terminology and techniques of the application discipline, and who have had experience in applying these techniques. Advanced classes will focus on refining existing technique, offering new iterations of accepted standards, and pushing students to reach beyond their level of comfort. Advanced classes will move at a faster pace, and may cover more information than either intermediate or beginner classes. Student should have more than a passing understanding of the subject matter, as basics will not be covered or reviewed.

This class is best suited for veteran burlesque individuals looking to further their professional skills and development. These classes are thought to be "collegiate-level" with unique focus and specialization to challenge the most seasoned of burlesque professionals. Students who are masters of their craft. Masters classes will focus on subjects related to pushing these burlesque professionals beyond their level of comfort, examining where their careers are now and how to expand and take their careers to another level.

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