2020 Scholarship

2020 Scholarship Application

Dear Scholarship Applicant,

Welcome to the 2020 BurlyCon Scholarship Application! This application consists of three short and specific essay questions, two questions about education, and a space for you to tell us more about yourself and give us important contact information. We want to know what burlesque and the burlesque community mean to you, and what you wish to bring to that community.

A bit of housekeeping before you begin:

All information collected is confidential. Please note that the information you provide here is what we use to notify you of your award status, so make sure it’s entered correctly it before submitting your application.

Applications open March 15th
Applications close April 30th - EXTENDED TO JULY 30
This is a firm deadline: no scholarships are accepted after the deadline passes.
Notifications are sent to all applicants by AUGUST 15

If you have any questions, you can reach us at scholarship@burlycon.org.

We look forward to reading your submission!

Our Best to You,

-The BurlyCon Scholarship Committee

Short Essay Questions

Payment plans


* Applications submitted after April 15th will not be accepted.

* Application review begins after the application period has ended. No applications will be considered before the application period closes.

* All applicants will be notified of their final award status no later than May 1

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Scholarship Details:

BurlyCon Scholarship Program

The BurlyCon Scholarship Program is an important part of fulfilling our values and deepening our community outreach. It’s our goal to make BurlyCon accessible to everyone, and we’re committed to providing opportunities for those who might not otherwise be able to attend our conference. Should an applicant not be awarded a scholarship, BurlyCon also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and installment payment plans.

BurlyCon values and celebrates diversity. Our selection committee is committed to feature applicants that reflect our community.

Scholarship applications are carefully considered by a diverse scholarship committee of BurlyCon directors and steering committee members. We weigh all factors presented in the application, including financial circumstances impacted by employment status, medical needs, and distance to travel to the convention; the potential gain the applicant would receive because of access to the convention; applicant’s distance from urban hubs; and what the applicant’s work and passion contributes to the larger burlesque community. We prioritize individuals who have experienced specific challenges building burlesque community.

Statistically and historically our scholarships are awarded as follows:

14% Differently Abled

61% POC


32% Non-USA recipients

68% USA recipients

Keep in mind that scholarships are available to anyone with a body (including previous presenters and committee).


This year, we have a total of six BurlyCon Scholarships available - five Partial Scholarships and one Full Scholarship.  There is also the Love Scholarship for seasoned POC performers specifically.

Partial Scholarships - A BurlyCon Partial Scholarship covers the cost of your BurlyCon Registration, including access to all regular BurlyCon Weekend classes and events. This award does not include hotel, airfare, travel, or meals, and does not cover any class or materials fees for workshops, BurlyLabs, or Intensives.

Full Scholarship - A BurlyCon Full Scholarship covers the cost of your BurlyCon Registration (including access to all regular BurlyCon Weekend classes and events), and includes a hotel room shared with 3 BurlyCon staff members. This award does not include airfare, travel, or meals, and does not cover any class or materials fees for workshops, BurlyLabs, or Intensives.

Application opens March 15th and close July 30th.

No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Notifications will be sent out by August 15th.

All information collected is confidential. The names of the scholarship winners will not be published or posted to the public without the express written permission of the awardees.